COVID-19 provisions


During the current lockdown restrictions, we would like to reassure our clients that we will do our best to carry on providing the usual service.
Due to the reduction in cases and easing of restrictions in the upcoming weeks we have decided to open our doors again. We would ask that you wear a face covering and, on your arrival, we will welcome you into the clinic.
If you prefer to wait outside with your pet this is still completely fine.
All visits are strictly by appointments only, unless they are emergencies.
If your pet needs to see the Vet and you feel unwell, have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or are waiting to be tested, please do NOT come to the Practice and inform our staff immediately and prior to the appointment. Please arrange with a family member or someone else to bring the sick pet to the Practice.
The safety of our staff and your pets is paramount to be able to carry on our services during these difficult times.


We need to keep contact to a minimum; wait in the car if possible.

  • Masks must be worn at all time.
  • One client per animal to enter the clinic.
  • Forehead temperature readings will be taken on entering the clinic.
  • You may be asked to wait outside if there are too many people already in the clinic.

Try to favour video consultations!

  • We can offer Virtual Appointments using SKYPE.
    Our name is: “Wymondham Vets”.
  • We can also offer WHATSAPP and FACETIME (only with iOS) consultations.
    Our mobile number is 07943 600733.
  • The appointment will be booked as usual, and the Vet will ring the client back using the mobile phone.
  • The consultations will last the usual 15 minutes to allow everyone to use this service.


Don’t panic!
Our services carry on as usual

  • We receive daily supply of food and medicine. The lockdown will not be affected the delivery.
  • The policy of our clinic is to provide only the medicines necessary for the treatment and prevention of your pets.
  • We will not consider excessive demands to ensure unjustified personal supplies, not considering this behaviour to be ethically and socially correct.
  • Please, use the menu item at the top “buy and book” for any repeat recipe or foods or drugs.

All necessary surgeries are guaranteed at our practice!

Following the guidelines provided by RCVS & BVA, we will do our best to fullfil any appointment requests, although we will prioritize the most serious patients.

We are currently able to perform home visits. However, we are performing these outside in your garden to try and keep everyone safe.

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