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Welcome to our practice,
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We understand how important it is that you know and feel confident about where your pet is during its stay with us. So, we would like to take you on a virtual tour of our Practice.

Waiting rooms

Welcome to our waiting areas. We have separate cat/rabbit, and dog waiting areas to ensure pets are happy, and stress levels are kept at a minimum.

Our dog waiting area is large and spacious, and there are scales available to weigh your dog. Our cat area is cosy and comprises cat shelving to elevate their baskets as recommended by the ISFM feline-friendly protocols. Due to our outstanding care and separation facilities for our little friends, we have achieved a “Silver Award” from the International Cat Care.

Operating Theatres

Welcome to our theatre areas. We have 1 sterile theatre and 2 Prep Rooms.

The operating theatre is where major sterile surgical procedures are carried out.

A totally clean environment is essential, and the room is constructed so that this can be maintained. The theatre has just one entrance and only vets and nurses directly involved may enter. The door can be closed off from prep to ensure the highest level of sterility.

Adjacent to the theatre we have a “Prep Room” used to anaesthetise pets and stabilise them prior to clipping the fur/preparing them for their surgery. Once ready, we then move them into the clean theatre. The Prep Room is also where we carry out ‘dirty’ procedures such as cleaning dirty wounds and dental.

Kennel and Cattery

Welcome to our hospital wards!

As you can see, we have separate cat and dog facilities, again to ensure everybody has a happy, stress-free recovery.

The dog ward is larger to allow for easier movement of patients. There is also a walk-in kennel available for larger dogs. We provide all patients with absorbable vet beds and have orthopaedic mattresses available for those that need further support to ensure a comfortable stay while in our care.

All the Kennel and Cattery cages are made of PVC material, so they are easy to clean and do not make excessive noise. They are also all individually heated so that each cat and dog has its own temperature control.

In the kennels, the cages are positioned so that no patients can look at each other. This ensures that they can recover in their own time, and they are not disturbed by other dogs.

Our cat ward consists of one line of kennels; this ensures the cats do not have to face each other. Each cage contains a soft vet bed, a litter tray, food, and a water bowl and most importantly a “cat castle”, yes, a real castle. These allow the cats to have their own privacy or perch from the top when they feel inquisitive or want cuddles.

Consulting rooms

Welcome to our consulting rooms.

We currently have three rooms – two for our vets and one specifically for our nurses.

They have all been recently refurbished and are incredibly well equipped.

In the rooms, you will find an examination table, computer, a set of scales, and examination equipment (stethoscope, thermometer, ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, tonometer, fridge and a long list of tests).

Treatment room

Welcome to our treatment room. This rather large space is usually where most treatments are carried out (unless they can be done in the consulting room). This is the room where we usually obtain blood samples in, for example, any procedure requiring more space (nail clip on a large dog).

This is also where we run all our laboratory samples and have our imaging facilities such as digital x-rays and ultrasound.

We always attend to emergencies in this room because it has everything at hand, lab, x-ray, anaesthetics, and plenty of room for lots of people to help.

We are always ready.

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